Frequently Asked Mindfulness Questions...

1. How long will it take before I can have my Mindfulness Notebook?
All of our products take 3-5 business days between the design and production. Depending on where you are, we can ship it or deliver it to your door. Shipping and delivery costs may vary depending on your location.

2. Who makes these designs and where do they come from?
All designs are a product of a year of my own consciousness. They are made in Panama.

3. Can I send you my design and you make my notebook with it?
Unfortunately, at this time, we are only working with our own designs.

4. Can the designs be customized?
Most of the designs are black and white, but they can be customized and printed in other colors.

5. Do you gift wrap?
Yes, we do! It looks like this... Oh and no additional cost to you!

6. Can you incorporate quotes into the design?
Yes. It may look something like this, depending on the size of the quote...

7. Can I see a preview of the design before you print it?
Unfortunately, at this time we aren't sending out samples or previews.

8. Can you make a special design just for me?
Yes, but that would be comissioned art work. Email me separately for that and I can make it happen!

9. Do you sell your art work?
Yes, every art print is made to order.

10. How do I pay for my Mindfulness Notebook?
At this moment, we are accepting bank transfers and cash upon delivery. Once your order is placed, if you live in Panama, you can send 50% through ACH and the other 50% upon delivery. If you live outside of Panama, I will contact you with the instructions.

11. Can I order a set with all 4 basic sizes with the same design?
Yes, you can!

12. What type of paper is in the Mindfulness Notebooks?
The agendas are all lined and have a date section (in spanish). The other notebooks have white paper inside.

13. Can I get the agenda size with white paper?
Yes, just let me know when you place the order.

14. I would like to sell your notebooks in my store, what do I do?
Since all of the designs are custom made to order, we can collaborate on a special Mindfulness Project just for your unique store. Just drop me a line in the contact section!

15. What are the available sizes?

The agenda or journal is 7" x 9" and it comes with 100 pages. ($25)

We also have the Florita Mini, which is 4" x 5", and it's compact, perfect for keeping by a night table for last minute ideas!  It comes with 100 pages. ($12.50)

There's the Florita Travel size, which is 4" x 6.25", it's like a checkbook wallet size, very sleek, and also comes with 100 pages. ($15.50)

The Notepad, which is 5.25" x 7.25" and comes with 100 pages. ($18.50)



The Sketchbook, which is 8.26" x 11.69" and comes with 100 pages. ($35)

16. What does the Agenda look like on the inside?
It's ruled paper with the date in Spanish. You can also decide if you prefer it done in plain white paper. The agendas are not available in English yet.

17. What do the Mindfulness Notebooks look like in the back?
Typically, they have the name of the person posted all over. 

18. Can I request the font I want?
Yes, but you would have to indicate the model and the font. For example, I want the "Amanda" design but with the "David" font. You can specify any of the 3 available fonts in the order form from the drop down menu.

19. Can I invert the image so that I have a black background and the drawing is all white?
 Yes, just make sure to let me know in the comments section of your order.

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