Friday, October 19, 2012

Pom Couscous

Bored of the same old lunch or dinner. Spice things up in a really healthy way! Every year around Christmas time I prepare Nigella's Festive Couscous. Today I put a spin on that amazing recipe, by making it with whole wheat couscous instead.

Nigella's recipe calls for sultanas and raisins, I'm not feeling quite that festive (yet) but still kept the Pomegranate.

Here's how to make this quick, healthy and delicious dish, you can have instead of rice or pasta. I love the bursts of fruit flavor in this, I'm sure you'll love it too.

Start with some whole wheat couscous. Boil a cup and a half of water and add a tablespoon of vegetable soup mix.

Now, measure 1 cup of whole wheat couscous. Add the vegetable concoction to the couscous, stir gently and cover it. Leave it alone, stir occasionally.

Now it's time to get busy with the Pomegranates!

Split it in half carefully. Be very careful, these babies love to stain everything they come in contact with!

The easiest way to clean the pomegranate is to do it in a large bowl filled with water. Split the pods and let them sink to the bottom and then pick them apart, discarding the yellow skin.

Stir the couscous occasionally!

I add a little bit of butter to mine.
 Now, add the pomegranates to the Couscous and enjoy!